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5 Ways To Age Gracefully

Let’s face it, aging isn’t one of those things we usually look forward to. The taboo that surrounds it has left many women fearful of passing their forties. Well, unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to stop the clock, but we can pull a few tricks out of our sleeves to age gracefully. First, let’s all try to consider aging a privilege. This is truly something to be grateful for, as so many leave the Earth far too early. Here are a few of my top “aging gracefully tricks” you can do anytime!

Keep Hormones Balanced

For both men and women, hormones play a huge part in how we feel as we age. Personally, I’ve experienced a nightmare through perimenopause and now menopause. Our hormones change at different times of our lives. If you suspect that your hormones are out of balance, consult your doctor about getting the appropriate testing. I recommend that you ask for either saliva or urine testing to accurately assess where you are. 

Once your doctor knows your levels, they may recommend BHRT hormone replacement therapy or other things like dietary changes and exercise programs. It’s important that you ease into changing hormones to reach desired levels, as even small shifts can cause symptoms and discomfort. 

Care for and Protect Your Skin

You are never too old to start caring for your skin. So if you’ve neglected this important self-care, I recommend you find some quality products that will nourish your skin and protect you from further damage. You don’t have to spend a fortune on fancy cremes either. Inexpensive products like grapeseed and coconut oil are fantastic for smoothing out fine lines and crepey skin. Additionally, make sure you are protecting your skin from the sun with sunscreen, sunglasses, and even a hat.

Get Out of the House 

One of the most common things that can happen as we age is isolation. Whether your schedule has suddenly become lighter when you retire or you are SO busy with work that you just don’t have time for friends, it’s important to get out of the house. Your mental health and wellbeing rely on socialization and human touch. Stay in touch with friends and family in whatever way you can. Planning outings with them regularly will help you to feel connected and important no matter what age you are.

Keep Moving

As we age, our metabolism can slow down, making it harder to stay at our ideal weight. It’s important to stay active throughout our lives to the capacity that our bodies and lifestyle allow. Remember, if you haven’t been active, do consult your doctor before starting any new routines. 

Shoot for 30-min of activity 4 to 5 times a week as a guide. Choose things that you love doing, so you are more likely to stay consistent. Additionally, you can combine movement with your social time by inviting your friends or family to join you for a walk or other activity.

Reduce Stress

No matter what our age, staying calm and getting enough rest are necessary for feeling and looking young.  Stress is linked to your health state (both physical and mental), longevity, and quality of life. Considering that aging itself can create greater stress, it’s imperative to finds ways to combat it. All of the above should help to ease some of it, but if stress is continual and severe, you may need to take further action.

Consider adopting peaceful practices like yoga, Tai Chi, or other meditation modalities. Writing, journaling, painting, and other creative hobbies are also known to reduce stress and help with mood. Do also consider talking to someone about your feelings and thoughts when you need to.

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