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5 Ways To Master A Youthful Natural Look

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we rolled out of bed looking our best? Sadly, that doesn’t happen most days. That said, it doesn’t mean that getting all made up will give you the look you want either. In fact, a natural, fresh face is all the rage right now. Just look at ads, runway, and celebrities on the red carpet.  If you want to master a youthful, natural look, there are a few things that will give you a head start. Here are my top tips for capturing an easy fresh and natural face.

Master A Youthful Natural Look #1: Start with Great Skin

Consider your face as a blank canvas- the foundation for whatever comes next. Taking care of your skin every day is imperative for a fresh, youthful look. The proper moisture balance creates firmness and clarity that enables you to even go without makeup altogether. That means regular cleansing and toning, as well as using whatever products are appropriate for your skin type. I recommend using the best skin care line you can afford that does not contain harmful chemicals. Keep up with your regimen and switch products if you’re not getting the results you want.

Master A Youthful Natural Look #2: Use Light Coverage Foundation

In order to create a youthful, natural look, your foundation needs to be light coverage and match your skin tone well. In fact, BB and CC creams have become popular for this reason. You can even out skin’s tone and texture with a light, creamy formula that is lighter than regular foundation. These can also contain ingredients that give the skin a natural glow. Another alternative would be to pick a drop foundation that allows you to gradually build coverage as you apply. This would allow you to hide blemishes and imperfections without sacrificing a natural look.

Master A Youthful Natural Look #3: Use Natural Lip Colored Lipstick

Once you have your base down and set, it is all about applying colors that are as close as possible to your natural tones. An important place to do this is the lips. Look for shades that are close to your natural lip color or slightly darker to create a little depth. There are also some wonderful products that bring out your natural color without adding color. 

There are some great choices at the stores if you need to try before you buy. However, don’t discount online shops like Dose of Colors to find that perfect shade. While shopping, consider the tone you want as well. I recommend owning at least one shade that brings out a warmer tone and one that brings out a cool one. Change the color with whatever outfit you’re wearing.

Master A Youthful Natural Look #4: Go Easy on the Eyes

Refraining from overdoing your eyes is one of the hardest things to do. We tend to get used to seeing defined eyes and lashes. Minimizing this area might leave you feeling under done. However, keeping eye makeup to a minimum will give you the best chance for a natural look. It helps to avoid all darker eye shadows all together and focus on the eyelashes and brows.

Remember that subtle is best here so opt for a brown or even clear mascara rather than black. Fuller brows that are not overly defined naturally look younger. Don’t overpluck or shave your brows. If you must color them, consider getting a henna dye that is far more natural and lasts longer than regular hair color or temporary fillers.

Master A Youthful Natural Look #5: Enhance what You’ve Got

Of course, just because you are rocking a natural look, doesn’t mean you can’t enhance your best features. I’m not talking about a full contour and shade here. You can brush the apples of your cheeks with a pale blush or add a little highlighter to your brow bone or cheekbones for a little extra sparkle. Another way to enhance your look without makeup is to get your eyelashes tinted or lifted. I do this about every 8 weeks so I don’t have to wear mascara and dark eyeliner. Trust me, it changes everything! 


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