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Am I Attached To My Problems?


This is an interesting (almost disturbing) question that I just had to ask.  While in prayer/meditation last night, I actually asked if I could be attached to the chronic illness (migraine/daily headache) that came into my life, set up camp, and hasn’t left since.  I have to be completely transparent here; there are times when having a headache is a way out.  When I say that, I don’t mean that I’m purposely giving myself headaches; it’s more about the emotions that come after they arrive.  Occasionally, it means Mom gets an extra rest, a break from housework, a little sympathy….OK, it’s not all that.  I’m just saying it’s possible to get used to yourself, family, and the situation if it’s been a long term event.  It’s acceptance with a lemon twist.

Do you know the saying, you become who you hang around?  Well, if that’s true, I hang around myself with a headache quite frequently.  Could it be that I’ve gotten too used to it and don’t know how to be any other way?  I’ve worked so hard to get healthier and overcome these life-stealing headaches but have come up short every time.  This could be the answer I’ve been searching for.  I’m willing to explore it a little more.  How about you?

It’s Your Turn

Are you doing the same thing with one or more of your problems or issues?  It’s worth a couple minutes of your time to dig deeper into your thoughts and emotions.  Taking control of your life may depend on what you discover.  It wasn’t easy for me to admit that I could be attracting more migraines by having the smallest amount of attachment to “me” with a headache and the circumstances that follow.  I never said that introspection was easy; it’s just worth it.

If you feel brave enough, please share any thoughts or discoveries you make during your own introspection.  Be well-be beautiful.

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  1. It’s so freeing to get honest with ourselves, isn’t it? And not only that, but it’s empowering to know that we are in control of our own lives.

    Way to go Kellie. Something to be proud of, I must say.

  2. Yes, I am attached to my problems too. The headache, being tired, my allergies. I think the same way. Hummm, I have a headache today…..better take some Darvocet…My headache will feel better and so will I. I think for people like me that never fulfilled their dreams, I can relate that “problem” to the reason why I may not be productive that day or maybe not ever again.

    • It certainly is an interesting theory that should be explored. I talked to Wally about it today. He understood what I was saying, so it must not be such a crazy idea. I’m going to do some serious work in this area, as I believe it will only bring good to my life.

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