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Does it seem like this week went really fast to anyone else? WOW, it was like just yesterday I posted for TNT Tuesday. A couple things to share on this wonderful day that puts us closer to Spring. The grass isn't green yet...more like a nice shade of ocre, but I'm hoping for it soon! This inspiring Photo by Dead Rat6 really put me in the mood for springtime flowers.

Bucket List, Brain Training, and Beautiful Women

Does it seem like this week went really fast to anyone else? WOW, it was like just yesterday I posted for TNT Tuesday.  A couple things to share on this wonderful day that puts us closer to Spring.  The grass isn’t green yet…more like a nice shade of ocre, but I’m hoping for it soon!  This inspiring really put me in the mood for springtime flowers.

Photo by Dead Rat6

The Bucket List

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by my new friend from Six Feet Over.  Melody is blogging her way through her “Bucket List” (aka the things you want to do before you die or kick the bucket).  Well, the interview is about one of my BL items.  You’ll have to go to her inspiring blog to read about it.  My interview at Six Feet Over. If you have not made your BL, or Life List, as I call it, check out a previous post for some tips.

How’s Your Memory Lately?

Mine isn’t so good.  I often struggle to remember my own name…OK, it’s not that bad.  But, I do forget the names of people, places, and things that I should not be forgetting so easily.  I went surfing in search of a free site that just might help me get those neurons going again.  And, low and behold, I found a spectacular Brain Training site called Lumosity.com that is not only easy to navigate but it’s loads of fun.  My son has even been playing around with some of the games.

Basically, you can play the brain games for fun or you can enlist in the “training” that takes you through a program to enhance your memory and cognitive ability according to the info that you give when you register.  They do offer an upgrade to your free membership that I have not done, but I’ve found the free stuff satisfactory for now.  It’s interesting to see how well you do with the various components of the training.  You really start to see your strengths and weaknesses emerge.

Are You a Beautiful Woman?

Well, of course you are.

I need some or all of you to be interviewed for Women’s Life Link’s Beautiful Women category that has become a desert lately with no new posts.  If you have an interesting story (we all do), want to share a couple of ideas with the world, own a business or run an organization, are from another country and want to tell others about your culture, or simply would like to see your name in print, please email me (Kellie) via the contact page.  In the meantime, check out some of our other Beautiful Women posts from the past so you’ll know what to expect.

One quick reminder about the Flea Market Round Up hosted by Designing DNA on March 20 and 21. A portion of all of the sales will be going to help victims of the recent disasters our planet has sustained.  Click on the face ad to your right or the link for specific details of this important event.  I guarantee there will be some fabulous stuff for sale over there…take a good look at the site that’s hosting it!  If you are interested in selling an item or helping with this cause, please indicate so in an email to Designing DNA.  And, most of all, GO SHOPPING! Have a productive week!

Photo by Dead Rat6


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  1. I need to make a bucket list–reading this just reminded me that I wanted to make one and actually act on it! Thanks,
    Jill http://www.virtualmomblog.com

  2. Thanks for all the referrals and tips. Especially on memory and making a life list. Keep bringing the goodness.

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