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Memory Loss: Is It Normal?

Setting aside the wrinkles, the drooping boobs, and the inability to see anything closer to my face than two feet, the worst thing about aging is the sudden short term memory lapses that seem to come at the most inopportune times (ie. missplacing your keys when you're already late; your phone number has vacated your brain when you have to leave a message on someone's voicemail; your child's name escapes you).

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The Best Natural Products for Body, Mind, and Spirit

Say Goodbye to Muscle Tension While undergoing chiropractic treatment years ago, I was introduced to, Formula 303, one of the best natural products I have ever used. With a boat load of kids at home and the usual "mom chores" waiting for my attention, I found myself often stressed and aching. It wasn't surprising when my shoulders, neck, and lower back were all in knots most of the time. Because I'm sensitive to most medications like muscle relaxers and pain killers, I was thrilled that there was a safe product to relieve my pain and tension.

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Let Your Mind Wander

As I sat in my writing chair this morning, I realized that for some reason my thoughts would not stay on any one subject long …

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Anger Management

Anger Management Anger is like a destructive bacteria growing everywhere; it's in our homes, our workplaces, and every store we step foot into. You can't go anywhere these days without hearing a mom yell at her kids or witness a disgruntled driver flip the bird to an old lady who accidentally pulled out in front of him. In fact, you may have even been that mom or driver. Whether we are the ones who are angry or the recipients of the heated emotion, we can all honestly say that nothing good usually comes of it.

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Food Addiction, Obesity, and Eating Disorders: An Epidemic

Personal Experience When I was in my early twenties, I had an eating disorder. For the sake of being thin and fitting into a size …

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Think Your Way to Happiness

Thousands of fleeting thoughts run through our minds every day. Some we choose to let pass like a speeding bus; while others are held captive by a need to dwell on their implications. They may develop in our mind's eye as if a tiny artist stand painting a picture inside of us.

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