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Life Tools and Tips

Personal Success

Do you remember the last time you really knocked your own socks off with a feat of your personal best? The pride that fills your heart; the praise you get from others; the sudden feeling that you have made your mark on the world all melt into your experience like the best hot fudge you've ever tasted.

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Healthful Holidays: Body, Mind, and Spirit

I have gathered some savvy tips for whole health (body, mind, and spirit) in this practical article about weathering the holidays.

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Elements of Relaxation

Water, Air, Fire, and Earth - everything we are, everything we touch, and everything we need is made up of at least one of these 4 elements. It's no wonder that we feel safe, warm, and relaxed while in their presence.

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How to Say No

Coupled with a pushover complex, our perceived ability to be superwoman can be more harmful than productive if we overwhelm ourselves with responsibilities that fit haphazardly into our schedules.

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Acting Your Age

Have you ever considered what it means to act your age? The actions, attitudes, and philosophies of each age group have become fuzzy in a world that produces more and more women who obliterate the mindsets of past generations. With 41-year-olds like Dara Torres winning Olympic medals and children like Miley Cyrus building financial empires well beyond the norm, who's to say what you shouldn't do at any age.

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Think Your Way to Happiness

Thousands of fleeting thoughts run through our minds every day. Some we choose to let pass like a speeding bus; while others are held captive by a need to dwell on their implications. They may develop in our mind's eye as if a tiny artist stand painting a picture inside of us.

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