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Family And Friends

Are You Like Your Mother?

"Are you like your mother?"was bold and loud in my mind as I opened my eyes. For some of you that inquiry might provoke some angry feelings or at least a nonchalant eye roll. A few of you might be beaming with pride to know that, yes, you are just like your mother. But, for most, you are like me, knowing that you have carried on some of mom's negative traits as well as some good ones.

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Am I A Good Friend?

For some making friends (and keeping them) comes easily, and for others it seems to be a daunting chore that never seems to happen. Today, I was thinking about all of the people in my life whom I consider to be my friends, how we met, and how we continue to grow (or not) in our relationships. Have I been a good friend? Yes and no...nobody is perfect.

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Love Language Problem

I woke up this morning with an epiphany about relationships. Well, I guess it wasn't really anything new to me, just a reminder of something that I discovered years ago. I've been having a little trouble finding common ground with one of my children lately. So much so that it's concerning. The answer came to me as I lay there thinking about getting out of bed. "You are not giving her love in the way she receives it," my inner voice chimed.

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Girl Friends are Life!

Girl friends help me to see the other side, alternatives, and ways to tackle the issue. Personally I receive girl friends as precious gifts from God. They have given me love, companionship, strength, confidence, peace, and joy! (Not to mention the shoulder massages!)

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Finding Common Ground With Your Teen

Do you remember what it was like to be 13, 16, or even 21? It's easy to recall major life events of your adolescent years, but sharing an empathetic moment with your own teenage girl might be difficult as time erases our past emotions - no wonder we find raising teens challenging. The fact is, children, at any age, seem to think that we have been perpetually grown up and never dealt with peer pressure or the physical, emotional, and mental changes with which they are bombarded on a daily basis. The other problem is they are trying to become adults, and we are trying to prevent it from happening- at least for a while.

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Remembering Mom

My Own Loss Ten years ago today, I slept on a pull out bed with my husband and children the night we chose to stay at the hospice care facility where my mother spent her last days. There was nothing unusual about the night, nothing to prompt our need to be there anymore than the night before.

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