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Deep Healing You Can Do Today

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Several friends introduced me to a phenomenal healing technique that, frankly, has blown me away. The method is called The Emotion Code. The creator of the healing therapy and author of The Emotion Code book has laid out instructions to breach the ceiling that many hit on a quest to heal persistent pain and emotional turmoil. This breakthrough method is something you can do today in the privacy of your home. You can do it with an Emotion Code practitioner live, over the phone, Skype or even by yourself if you are familiar with kinesiology. It really is that simple.


“Much of our suffering is due to negative emotional energies that have become ‘trapped’ within us,” Dr. Nelson says in his book. He developed The Emotion Code as a way to quickly and easily locate and remove trapped emotions from the body. I love how he explains this process by connecting science to the spiritual. So, which ever side of the coin you prefer, both are represented in his methods. Personally, I don’t believe one can exist without the other. Science and Spirituality are partners in making up our core existence and will always be the keys to our healing, success, and ultimate happiness as sentient beings. He goes on to say, “A single trapped emotion can create both physical and emotional problems.” This is possibly why so many suffer from unexplained sickness and struggle endlessly to break non-serving emotional patterns.

For me, The Emotion Code has been a true eye opening experience. I never realized that emotions could literally become embedded within your body. I was aware that people can hold onto past trauma and the pain that those event caused, but I did not think of those issues as tangible elements. Now, I see a deeper mystery behind emotional distress and even physical pain and illness. As a woman who has suffered from both, I am always open to trying new things to promote deeper healing. My first Emotion Code session revealed 16 trapped emotions from my past! Honestly, I was unaware that I had even felt some of them, let alone been a field for their planting and growth. I easily removed the 16 and was completely overjoyed to wake the next morning filled with greater hope and energy. I even thought I looked younger!

“Much of our suffering is due to negative emotional energies that have become ‘trapped’ within us.”

The greatest thing about this technique is that anyone can do it. Dr. Nelson wrote the book simply so anyone could understand and use it to remove their own trapped emotions. Though he did spend much of his career as a practitioner of holistic health and chiropractic, he now supports millions all over the world with training, seminars, research, and ongoing book projects. His goal is to see a more healthy, happy world emerge from the healing of each individual. From what I’ve seen and experienced, I believe his dream is more than possible if you consider how effective this method is.

I have completed three Emotion Code sessions now and realize how these trapped emotional entities have kept much of my authentic self in a prison of sort. I feel more bold, energetic, and willing to leave the past behind me. I’m sure I have much more work to do, but I’m already so impressed that I’m considering becoming a certified Emotion Code practitioner to bring another aspect of healing to my coaching practice. My friends have also experienced great change and emotional release during their sessions and look forward to further healing with continued efforts.

Healing is a process that we all must go through. Each day is a new opportunity to learn something new about ourselves and the world around us. As so many healing techniques are complicated and time-consuming, many people get discouraged and give up on seeking their greatest selves. The Emotion Code presents a way to get to the core issues without pain, tons of money, and time most don’t have. As a life coach, I highly recommend at least buying the book to explore the possibilities Dr. Nelson proposes there. I have even told my personal therapist about this wonderful book and technique. She was extremely intrigued and said she will check it out.

I’m happy to answer any questions you have about my experience or the book. I offer the Emotion Code (trapped emotion release therapy) free with my coaching packages (see Journey to Purpose Coaching). Please tell us if you’ve done any Emotion Code work and how it has benefited you.

Nelson, Dr. Bradley (2007-06-30). The Emotion Code: How to Release Your Trapped Emotions for Abundant Health, Love and Happiness (Kindle Locations 168-169). Wellness Unmasked Publishing, Mesquite, Nevada. Kindle Edition.


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  1. Hi Kellie,

    I’m very much interested in this healing technique. In fact, a friend of mine just recommended traumaprevention.com – or TRE…. and I’m reading through her booklet of exercises. I really feel that something like this is the next step for me.

    I like how you describe this process as “user-friendly” – how long did it take you to learn how to do this. Was the book alone enough, or do you feel it’s necessary to receive counseling from a facilitator or practitioner?

    • Hi Susan! The book was written so anyone can learn the technique. I was successful my first time but I had also had previous training in muscle testing. Probably the best way to know is just get the book and familiarize yourself with the process. I am not certified yet but could give you some help if you need it. I would just incorporate it into a regular coaching session. It’s really powerful and life-changing. Let me know what you think of the book after you read it. Peace.

  2. I’ve been looking at this book on Amazon for a couple of weeks now — Thanks so much for the review. I think I’ll order it soon! It never hurts to have another tool in our arsenal, both personally and professionally!

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