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The Magic Of Doing Something Different!

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My mind raced last night. Though I should have been sleeping, I could not stop the ideas for this 31-day challenge from flooding my tired brain. I focused on the things that have made the most impact on my own life over the years. One thing that kept prodding, along with a newbie head cold, was an extremely logical quote: “If you want something different – do something different.” It doesn’t matter who said it the first time or who said it the last. What matters is the simplistic richness of its content.

The most profound changes I’ve ever made in my life have been the result of doing small things differently. And I’m positive you will have the same motivating results if you just give it a try. As a part of our 31-Days To a New You challenge, I would like for you to consider doing at least five of the thirteen acts listed below. I’ve even given you a little incentive by giving facts or potential benefits to changing it up. Enjoy your day and set a standard of consistency for the month!

13 Things You Can Do Differently This Month

1. Brush your teeth with the opposite hand you are used to- Research shows that switching up the side in which you perform common activities actually helps to create new neuropathways in your brain.
Potential Benefit: You get smarter and more flexible, not to mention ambidexterity might come in handy sometime.
2. Go to bed earlier- Going to bed earlier can improve memory, reduce inflammation, and even inspire creativity, according to Health.com. And, in a 2010 study of women ages 50 to 79, more deaths occurred in women who got less than five hours of sleep a night. 
Potential Benefit: Your creativity soars. You actually might finish that novel, painting, or work project.
3. Instead of racing through the mall in a hurry, stop and sit for a few minutes- People watching is another huge creativity generator, especially if you need inspiration for fiction characters.
Potential benefit: You sit there, watching the crowd, and, suddenly, you see a long lost friend from high school. She is the CEO of the company you’ve dreamed of working for. Networking.
4. Put your fork down in between bites- Slowing down during meals is a way to tell your body and the Universe that you are thankful for provision. It also allows you to be present during one of life’s most fulfilling acts. 
Potential Benefit: You may eat less because your body had the chance to tell you when it’s truly full. Weight loss, better health, and developing a better relationship with food in general are all things that could happen.
5. Rearrange your furniture- Changing your environment is a perfect way to welcome a new season or life-change journey. Even subtle changes can boost energy and mood. Feng Shui is my favorite interior design model.
Potential Benefit: You realize you have a gift for decorating and space planning.  A new business or blog idea pushes its way to the forefront.
__TALKING_IN_SILENCE___by_WhiteBook6. Say yes to yourself. You know that little voice that always rudely interrupts your wildest notions to do new things…SHUT THAT BITCH UP! Giving yourself the opportunity to try new things (big or small) is the perfect way to overcome fears and to get you further down the road to your dreams.
Potential Benefit: You discover a new hobby or passion that leads to meeting the love of your life or the perfect business.
7. Say no to others.  It’s time to rethink your personal boundaries. Always putting others’ needs before your own is not always best. Caring for yourself will give you more energy and motivation to be the giving person you are.
Potential Benefit: You stop giving into your kids all the time. They develop a greater respect for you as a parent and a woman who knows how to say no.
8. Eat out alone- Getting comfortable with yourself in public situations is the trick to being better at social gatherings. If you can sit in a restaurant without any company but yourself, you will glean new insights about your personality and social needs, as well as expand your self-confidence.
Potential Benefit: See numbers 3 and 4.
9. Instead of just reading blog and social media posts, actually comment on them. Sharing your ideas and/or concern with others is empowering. You are unique and the world needs to hear from you.
Potential Benefit: The owner of the blog you comment on asks you to consider writing for her site. Again, networking.
10. Breath Deeper- Not breathing deeply enough can cause a build up of carbon dioxide in the blood, which can lead to fatigue, confusion, and memory loss. On the other hand, filling those lungs more often provides the body with vital oxygen that makes everything work better, including your cardio-vascular, lymph, digestive, and immune systems.
Potential Benefit: You start breathing deeply and your chronic headaches disappear. Now, that’s a game-changer!
11. Eliminate something from your diet- This was a huge one for me, as the ruthless axing of gluten from my diet a year and a half ago helped abate a 13-year bout with chronic migraine. 
Potential Benefit: Better health, more energy, live longer…need I go on?
12. Ask for help- Next time you have trouble making a decision or opening a pickle jar, ask someone for help. Racking our brains or slamming the edge of a jar against the counter until it either loosens or breaks is not always the best way to go. Counting on others is in our nature that dates back to our primitive ancestors who relied on each other for survival. Community.
Potential Benefit: A friend or family member finally realizes you need them after you ask for their help or advice and gives you the attention you truly want and need.
13. Change your mind- After all, it is a woman’s prerogative. Harnessing a new perspective about something is one of the most life-changing things you can do. It can improve every area of life even if the topic isn’t even related. I’ve seen this phenomenon in my own life and in those of clients, friends, and family.
Potential Benefit: Anger, jealously, fear, pride just might take a long walk on a short pier. And think of the limitless possibilities without those moochers tagging along. 

This challenge is progressive, so please don’t forget about the steps from the past couple of days. In case you missed them, the links to day one and two are below. And, don’t forget to share our journey with your friends and family who would benefit from hanging out with us this month! Leave you goals, progress, and ideas in the comments below for a more fulfilling experience and a chance to win a fabulous prize at the end of the month!

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  1. Day 3 of 31 and you’re looking good! Very nice place you’ve built here, and a very intriguing and informative post. About once each week I brush with my left hand, and dining alone is a pleasure I cherish. Saying “NO” is something I learned years ago when I was first introduced to “Gestalt” and “Self-Awareness” techniques, and is at the core of much of my work with women. You seem to be kindred in the quest to create positive ripples in time, and I am happy to ‘meet’ you. You’ve got a new ‘fan’!

    • Hi Jan! Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your encouragememt so much. Together, we can unfold a beautiful world filled with conscious souls who understand how we are all connected.

  2. LOVE this list! I’m going to print it out and see how many I can work into my month, too.

  3. I will definitely put many of these though-provoking suggestions on my Spring-To-Do-List. I’ll incorporate the first six immediately. As the snow continues to fall, there’s no better time to start re-charging our lives for the better. Tomorrow is not promised, so we have to improve and treasure our today.

  4. I plan to do at least five myself, starting with commenting more on other blogs and social media sites. I’m already seeing some networking momentum from doing so. I also plan to brush my teeth with my left hand, get more sleep, eat alone (hard one for me), and do some people watching in the near future.

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