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Do Smoothies Promote Health For All Ages?

“Eat fruits and vegetables regularly” is heard from countless sources repeatedly throughout our lives. What doctors, moms, and health gurus know is that they really are a pillar for good health. So, we have heard, now, how do we put this health message into practice consistently?  Because some people (young and old) don’t like eating whole fruits, let alone those green veggies, smoothies are a perfect solution. How do smoothies promote health for all ages? I’m about to tell you…

The Smoothie: Tricking Children Into Eating Greens for Years

I don’t think I’ve ever met a mom who doesn’t try to get her kids to eat more veggies. She will go to extensive links to hide them in family meals. I am actually a spinach ninja when it comes to getting my daughter to eat green. “This smoothie is delicious, mommy!” Oh, how I love to hear that, especially if I’ve just dumped  2 cups of Green leafy vegetables into the mix. Shhhh…don’t tell them that yummy drink is full of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants.

Do know that it took a little practice to be sneaky. I also had to buy a blender for smoothies that completely obliterated the little green chunks. Now that she is older, I actually tell her what’s in it, so she knows that fruits and vegetables are not only good for you but taste amazing!

Fruity Goodness

Fortunately, many kids love fruit and don’t put up much of a fight to eat it. However, there are exceptions. My daughter will fill her plate with pretty much anything but fruit and vegetables. Hence having to be a veggie ninja. The smoothie has saved me from stressful moments of pushing live food like a corner drug dealer.

As moms, we are certainly glad that fruits are not just watery sacks full of fructose (AKA, sugar). they are also rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties as well as other vitamins and minerals that scream, “EAT ME FOR HEATH!”.  Smoothies made with fruit are a pleasant way to introduce any of these health powerhouses to your children and anyone else in the family refusing to even look at an apple or banana.

The Greener the Better

Though fruit smoothies are going to help you and your kids fall in love with the produce section, adding green vegetables will hit the health homerun. Consuming one green smoothie a day helps you to get in those pesky 3 servings of vegetables. Just so you know, plant-based meals like green smoothies reduce the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases. A consistent diet of various vegetables, including greens, lowers risk of contracting type-2 diabetes as well.

Should You Replace One Meal with a Smoothie?

Replacing a meal with a smoothie is a healthful option, especially with an added scoop of protein powder. They are known to give you added energy and support the digestive system. Do make sure that children are getting enough calories if they choose a smoothie over a standard meal. Most smoothies are not going to be high in calories unless you doctor them up with things like peanut butter, nuts, yogurt, and extra protein.

Hey, mom, I have another secret for you… drinking a smoothie that contains fruit, vegetables, seeds and nuts, yogurt and kefir as well as protein can not only help you balance your kids’ diet but your own. I recommend experimenting with various combinations until you find several recipes that you love. Mixing up ingredients like cacao and acai powder, spices like ginger and nutmeg, and herbs like parsley and cilantro will take your smoothie-making to an expert level.

The “Skinny” on Smoothies

Apart from being a healthful dietary choice, smoothies are also known for their detoxing and weight loss benefits. First, they are super filling and can actually prevent you from overeating. And, we know what happens when you get overly hungry in the middle of the day. Hello, vending machine or that pint of ice cream!

The other thing is they are easy to make and help you to get calories in faster. Eating promptly upon waking is important for metabolism, especially for women. Moreover, drinking smoothies can be used for weight control over a long period of time. The flavor and food variety offers a broad menu that you won’t get tired of. I also love the fact that there are juice and smoothie bars popping up all over. I actually have 2 within 2 miles of my home. This is beneficial because I can get one while I’m out…no excuses.

Recapping, make sure you get a quality blender and ingredients for your smoothie adventure. Try lots of different types of foods if you want everyone to be happy. Kids will appreciate it when you stop nagging them to eat there spinach and apples. Your healthy family will thank you…eventually. All in all, if you want to maintain good health and ideal weight, the smoothie is your ticket!


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