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How Do I Make It Through Crisis?


Though today’s topic is a question that you might be inclined to ask anyone but yourself; however, it’s imperative that you take an inner inventory of your strengths and weaknesses.   Within your mind and spirit is a network of ideas and a powerhouse of emotional muscle to help you cope with any situation.  Yes, inside of you.  We are built to handle more than we could ever imagine.  I know this because I was dealt some pretty hard blows in the past.  Everyone around me wondered how I could go through so much and still be sane.  Well, at the time, so did I.  Since then I’ve realized that it was faith and inner strength that got me to the other side of disaster – both things that were present all along.

Equipped Like a Loaded Sedan

Our wonderfully made bodies and spirits are equipped with the best bells and whistles there are.  We have the “guts” to get the glory.  All we have to do is believe it and utilize the power in which we’ve been given.  I know it would be nice if we came with an easy-to-read  instruction manual; however, if you get what I’m saying, you don’t need one.   Your inner voice and the wisdom of the Divine are quite capable of navigating through the worst of the worst.  And even better, those resources are always there to guide you.  You might have to do some poking around to find just the right way to access them, but just know that if you ask, you will receive.

Crisis Is the Best Classroom

Crisis curriculum is REALLY hard, yes, but well worth the struggle.  Once you get past the kicking and screaming, the whining and crying, and the “why mes,” you start to understand that there is a lesson in all that chaos.  It may not be one that you completely get on the spot though; the fact is, it could be months or even years before you receive your crisis degree.  Don’t worry; it will come.  I have several beautiful degrees hanging in the hall of my life-experience.  I look at them every day.  And, yes, unlike some regular university degrees, they ARE being used!

Here’s a few things that you must know about going through crisis:

1.  Do what you can not what you or anyone else thinks you should.  It’s a good time to pare down your schedule a bit and your standards.  Perfectionism is not an option.  So just leave those dishes and that pile of laundry.  You have better things to do.

2.  Don’t make any life-altering decisions until you have stable emotions.  Crisis has a way of making you hypersensitive to everything.  You anger more easily; you cry more easily; and you give up more easily.  Just let it come without doing anything rash or dumb.  If you do slip up and decide something without rational thought, back up and see if it’s fixable.

3.  Don’t imagine the worst happening.  Keep positive in your mind and emotions….even if it’s hard.  Try to remember how you felt on the best day of your life and hang on to that image and feeling.

4.  Visualize yourself happy.  Women function better when they are at peace and have true joy.

5.  Ask for help.  I know it’s hard, but just do it!

6.  Let others in your world; they want to help and support you.  And, just so you know, they have no IDEA what you need unless you tell them.

7.  Take some “Me” time and allow yourself to relax and unwind.  A hot bath, a glass of wine, and some soft music is the ticket to rejuvenation when  times are hard.

8.  Do your own research about the situation you are dealing with.  There’s always more information than what you’ve been told by those around you.

9.  Keep a journal of your feelings and the events that transpire.  When you look back on your notes, it’s amazing to see how you felt and what you did to get through.

10.  Believe in yourself.  You are strong, beautiful, and a woman who can accomplish anything she wants with determination!

Now, it’s your turn to share a tip about crisis-management.  Give this some thought and let it fly, Ladies!  Be well-be beautiful.

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  1. I used to have a dream board – pictures of all the things i wanted and loved. It was great motivation, and then i moved and took it down… this site has lit a fire under my butt and i think its time to put the board back up <3

  2. So much great advice, Kellie.With so much crisis surrounding us these days, it is important to take time for ourselves, breathe, and to avoid making major decision until the crisis passes. Thanks so much for the reminders!

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