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How To Choose Foundation

The key to youthful, glowing skin is proper skin care and a killer foundation or base product. Skin care is a whole topic of its own; for now, we will just focus on the makeup part.

Taking Out the Guesswork

Make sure that your foundation and concealers provide coverage without drying or over-moisturizing your skin. Unfortunately, finding just the right products may require some experimentation or even a trip to the beauty counter at the mall. The professionals at Estee Lauder, Clinique, Origins, etc. will help you take the guesswork out of purchasing the correct formulas and shades for your complexion. This is also a good time to contact a personal beauty consultant through Mary Kay, Arbonne, or Avon. Their expertise in skin care and color application, not to mention the personal attention, will take you to another level if have been lacking in your beauty routine. Furthermore, the ability to try all the products before you buy them will save you time and money.

Drug Store Savvy

If the more costly brands are out of reach, don’t think that you can’t get quality from the drugstore. Revlon, Loreal, Cover Girl, and many others have all successfully produced affordable, quality make-up. I especially like the Revlon: Age Defying products. They allow you to cover the inconsistencies without depriving your face of vital moisture and nutrients. Also, the Physician’s Formula: Organics line is clean and goes on with surprising coverage that leaves a youthful glow.

Right Product-Right Application

No matter what brands you end up with, try the following tricks to get the most out of your purchase. Always start with a clean, exfoliated face. Trust me, anything less will cause some application problems. Also, make sure that your brushes and blending tools are clean and free of old product. The best thing I have ever used to apply foundation and concealer is an artist’s paintbrush. You can purchase these in all sizes and densities at any hobby store.

If you use a liquid foundation, put what you need on the back of your hand and work it around a bit to heat it to body temperature. This process really reduces the chances of getting flaky face. For you more mature gals, you know how rough, flaky make-up can catch in every line and wrinkle. Also, remember to blend out your color down under your chin to your neck and ears. There is nothing worse than a woman who has a distinct line of color around her chin. Yuck! Watch your shade ladies; blending with your natural color is good, trying to be three shades darker then you are, is not.

New Kid On the Block:  Mineral Make-up

For those who are game to try the latest, hot trend, go for the mineral make-up that is taking the cosmetic industry by storm. Some are costly, but there are some that are just as affordable as their liquid/crème counterparts. For the most part, I have heard nothing but good things about the way most of the brands cover and blend. I personally have had success with one of the drugstore mineral bases (Revlon Color-Stay Mineral Foundation). Others have felt dry to me, as my skin is dry/normal. As far as tools to apply them, go with the brushes included unless you want a softer more delicate feeling applicator.  Another idea is use a mineral foundation for all over and a creamy concealer for around the eyes. This is especially helpful for those of you who have dark circles or tired looking eyes. Don’t forget to set the areas where you use liquid/crème makeup with a translucent powder.

Now you are ready to apply the rest of your makeup! Keep in mind, some stores won’t allow you to return products if they don’t work out. Just check the policies before you invest in a whole line of new make-up. I do know that CVS and Wal-Mart are among stores that do let you correct your cosmetic buying blunders.

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