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Meet Lore Burns: Australia’s Multi-Talented Choice For The World Championship Of Performing Arts!


Another name to remember – LORE BURNS – another singer who is going places!  Born in the UK but raised in Australia, Lore has played music and studied theatre her whole life and has recently worked on her first commercial show:  “King Kong.”  She is passionate about music, drama and social justice. Also a part time music teacher, she shares her gifts as well as dream about her future.   “I remember the feeling I got in my first drama lessons in primary school and my subsequent compulsion to write, perform and compose music and drama.  It’s been my dream for a long time now to make a career out of the performing arts, but only recently have I plucked up the courage to pursue it.”  Lore is formally trained in cello, piano, guitar, singing, composition and theatrical production and is hoping to take formal acting training soon. Oh, and she also got engaged last December! Congratulations!

LORE BURNS IIAs if all of that wasn’t enough, she has recently been chosen to represent her nation in the World Championships of Performing Arts, the finals of which are being held in Hollywood this year.  WCOPA is described as the Olympics of performing arts. Even with her busy schedule, she has made time to create a Doctor Who fan series for which she writes, acts, manages production and composes.  In other words, pretty well the lot.   Lore also composes and records her own music.

As she is an example of artistic expression now, Lore wasn’t always so confident as she became a bullying victim in primary and early high school.  “I was mainly bullied by older girls who didn’t approve of my childishness or just didn’t like me or who I made friends with.”  Overall, she had a rough time but was fortunate enough to have a best friend in primary school and a strong friendship group in high school, as well as a loving family. Nevertheless, it did affect her love and pursuit of the arts.  “I was too scared to pursue acting; for so long, I felt unworthy and afraid.”

Lore admits that the anti-bullying programs and spokespeople she sees hearten her, but there is always more to be done.  She also feels that we encourage bullying in a certain sense through how we portray human perfection, which is completely unattainable without the aid of editing software.  “From the onset we are all bullied by the media, which in turn encourages us to bully others who don’t fit the norm in order to feel better about our own insecurities.  Not to mention, the progress we need to make on gay/other sexuality rights and in accepting others (ie refugees).  It’s all about fear.  We need to recognise our natural fear of the unknown. We need to make an effort to be compassionate and understanding, instead of lashing out or believing in stereotypes.”

When asked if there is anything she would like to do on a personal level to help end the bullying issue, she says that she is only one person, but so is everyone else.  “If I can make one other tiny person feel loved, then I’ll have made a difference. I would love to give everyone who is struggling a big hug, but perhaps I’ll have to settle for writing a song instead.  Songs are like musical hugs, aren’t they?”  They certainly are – a lovely idea!

LORE BURNS VLore has a big year ahead of her: house-hunting, wedding planning, playing in several bands on cello, recording a solo EP, teaching music and pursuing an acting and music career – to say nothing of representing Australia at the WCOPA finals! It is obvious this amazing lady has more than shown her tormentors from school days that she can do it!

She ends our interview with a special message for the world:  “I want the world to know that there are many people who care, and I am one of them.  We’re much quieter than the cries of the selfish and the aggressive, but we’re here.  And no matter who you are, or what you’ve done or had done to you, we will always listen and practice compassion.  There are people in your life who will too, even if you don’t know who they are yet; sometimes being vulnerable takes the most strength.”

Well done, Lore, and good luck with everything!


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