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More Instant Health Boosters

Wellness Wednesday: Beating Inflammation

If you have been keeping up with my 90 Day Health Challenge, than you know that I have a problem with inflammation.  It causes headaches (ones that last much longer than they should), sore muscles and joints, and a fatigue that makes exercise difficult to say the least.  So, for this month’s Instant Health Boosters, I researched some ways in which you and I can alleviate this annoying condition.

Food is Medicine

1. Use Olive Oil instead of Corn, Canola, Safflower, and Butter

I became aware of the coralation between Omega Fatty Acids and inflammation some months back when I did a post on the subject.  I have managed to change all of our oils over to Extra Virgin Olive Oil (OVOO).  This alone is something everyone can do to instantly change the balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6.  Most people have way too much Omega 6 in their bodies.

2.  Eat some pineapple

Bromelain is a group of enzymes extracted primarily from the stem of a pineapple, a member of the bromeliad (Bromeliaceae) family of plants.  Though there is less concentration of Bromelain in the flesh of the pineapple, you can still get a nice dose.

3.  Use Tumeric (Curry spice)

The use of turmeric in Indian culture has taken on almost mystical properties, perhaps due in part to its many uses in Ayurvedic Medicine. Tumeric is used for a wide variety of stomach ailments, headache, liver and gallbladder ailments, respiratory infections, cancer and inflammation.

Nature’s Best

4.  Try St. John’s Wort

Though this herb is primarily known for its antidepressant effect, italso has anti inflammatory properties. “In a laboratory experiment, researchers from the University of Frieburg, Germany found that hypericin, one of the constituents of St. John’s wort, inhibited NF-kB, which activates proinflammatory genes. Daily dosage: Because product forms vary, follow label directions.” (Quoted from thenutritionreporter.com)

5.  Sprinkle Rosemary on your food

The ursolic acid ingredient in rosemaryhelps block the action of inflammation-inducing compounds. You can add a couple of Tablespoons of this flavorful herb to soups, pasta, and salads.  One of my faves is a tomato & mozzarella salad with a homemade rosemary vinaigrette. (See recipe below).

Rosemary Tomato Mozzarella Salad


1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil

3-4 tablespoons balsamic vinegar

1 tablespoon fresh rosemary, chopped

1/2 teaspoon fresh oregano, or 1/4 teaspoon dry

1/4 teaspoon sea salt

pinch of red pepper flakes

3 garlic cloves, finely minced


2 tablespoons pitted black oil cure olive, chopped

1/2 lb fresh mozzarella (sliced)

5 ripe tomatoes (sliced)

2 Scallions

Allow the minced garlic and chopped scallions to stand in the vinegar for 10-15 minutes before preparing recipe. This will help remove the “bite” from the garlic and mellow it.

Meanwhile, slice tomatoes. Drain mozzarella of any liquid.  Remove pits from black olives and chop. Set these ingredients aside in a salad bowl.

Combine vinaigrette ingredients in a cruet or in a blender with the garlic and vinegar from above. Use 4 tablespoons vinegar if you like a tangy salad (3 tablespoons if you don’t). You can use all balsamic vinegar, or if you prefer a milder dressing, use half balsamic and half red wine or Chianti vinegar. No mincing or chopping is required if a blender is used – pulse briefly.

Pour vinaigrette over tomatoes, cheese and olives; stir to coat. Do not add too much dressing – just enough.  You can add fresh basil leaves for added taste and garnish.

Product Trial

Just to let you know, I will be trying an anti-inflammatory product that incorporates many ingredients thought to battle inflammation.  Because I haven’t received it yet, I will keep you posted about my trial and give company information if I feel the product is worth it.  I will also be incorporating the above Instant Health Boosters to my daily health regimen; I’ll let you know how I feel.  Please share any anti-inflammatory remedies that you have.  Until then, be well-be beautiful.

Resources:  thenutritionreporter.com, herbalremediesworld.com

Photo by Jangle-Bangle

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