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Ribbon Wishes

Photo by Muddyworks


I have this screen saver on my computer that displays various color ribbons flying about.  The first time it appeared I was ecstatic!  You see, for years I’ve visualized very similar colorful ribbons whenever I prayed, meditated, or visualized something I wanted to manifest into my life.  The ribbons represent to me all of my emotions, compassion, healing, wishes, and dreams going out into the universe to gather and execute all that needs to happen to make my desires come to pass.  I’ve always found that having something to focus on during times of meditation helps me to stay in the moment and the right frame of mind to allow relaxation and unpolluted thoughts.

Of course, you can use anything you like to increase the effectiveness of visualization.  My ribbon wishes are just what makes me happy in those precious moments of me time.  The photo to the left is of The Omyma/The Healing Whisper, created as a visual aid for meditation, yoga or reiki. Soft geometric shapes slowly evolve and morph over the course of the two fifteen minute pieces. The videos lift the spirit and carries the soul to peaceful, tranquil destinations.  Just click the photo and you can watch a trailer.  I love this stuff!

I’ve heard of people using geometric shapes, colors, and even pictures of a beautiful nature scene to assist in finding their happy place.  The point is to take some time regularly to focus on your dreams and wishes.  A quiet moment, or few moments, alone with your deepest thoughts and desires won’t kill you….I promise.  There is power in our focused thoughts and emotions.  Power to change things.  You don’t have to be some meditation guru to apply these dream-chasing moments to your day.

I do my ribbon wishes when I lay down in bed at night…after all the hustle and bustle of the day is neatly folded away.  If something is bothering me or stressing me, I give it to one of my flying ribbons to take away from me and go find a solution.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done this and awakened the next morning with an amazing answer to my problem.  Just try it!

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