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5 Skin Care Musts To Look Younger Longer

As the body’s largest organ, the skin has some very specific and important needs to stay healthy and supple. I have raised 4 daughters who learned early to always take care of their skin. Now that they are all adults, they understand why I insisted on quality skin care from an early age. At 50 and looking much younger than I should, I'm damn thankful that my mother taught me the same thing. I'm sharing my secrets with you! Here are my top 5 skin care musts to look younger longer.

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3 Early Signs Of Aging And What To Do About Them

At around age 33, or so, a precarious gaze in the mirror might turn into a critique-fest. "OMG, I have a wrinkle!" or "Why doesn't my skin look as radiant as it used to?" might slip out. Maybe a friend or colleague says you look a little tired, even though we feel well rested. Your first gray hairs might appear. And those fine lines you noticed in the mirror can be seen in photos. It’s a strange feeling, at first, to see early signs of aging, knowing that it's just the beginning.

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The Best Ways To Take Care Of Yourself As You Get Older

No one enjoys talking about aging - it is the proverbial elephant in the room for many of us. And, unfortunately, there is no magic pill or creme that will stop it. It is something we all have to go through, but we don't have to fall prey to negative thinking and an unhealthy lifestyle. There are so many ways to push away the ill-effects of aging, but you have to start as soon as possible. Though the choice to live a healthier life is a serving one at any age, I believe that the sooner you start these life-giving activities, the more benefit you will reap from them when you get to your golden years.

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3 Tips For Keeping Your Face Beautiful

As the years pass, our faces often show the wear and tear of life and noticeable signs of aging. We  develop wrinkles, our pearly whites …

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