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4 Tips For Dating Someone With ADHD

dating someone with ADHD

What do you do if the person you are dating or have fallen in love with has ADHD? Well, if your significant other has had …

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3 Constructive Tips For Working From Home

working from home

It’s no secret that working from home has become the norm for countless women around the world since the pandemic.  Though the changes to our …

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3 Ways To Instantly Boost Self-Image

The way you think about yourself is basically how you see the rest of the world and vice-versa. I believe if you put this theory …

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5 Steps To Make Sex Safer And More Satisfying

In order to have an enjoyable, fulfilling, and safe sex life, it’s important to understand women’s sexual health. The primary topics to focus on are …

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3 Areas Of Your Business You Should Never Merge With Your Personal Life

As a business owner, it can sometimes be quite difficult to keep your personal life and business separated. This can be especially true if you run a tight-knit business from home, rather than from an office. The water can get muddy if you don't pay attention. Here are 3 areas of your business you should never merge with your personal life.

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Working From Home: Winning The Life/Work Balancing Game

Setting up a home business has pros and cons as any new business venture would. However, working from home has some specific challenges that could wreak havoc on your life if left unchecked. I've experienced the "crossing of boundaries" that has thrown my whole life equilibrium off balance. The problem is that you may not see it happening until you are well into the muddy quicksand. Hindsight is great, but prevention is best. Here are some quick tips on how to win the life/work balancing game.

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Your Weekly Dose of Diva: The Truth About Boundaries…

Boundaries. This one topic has confused and annoyed more people than you can throw a stick at (including yours truly)! Ask ten people on the street and they will all give you a different version of what a healthy boundary looks like and when it should be set. But, at the end of the day, we want some clarity (or maybe it's just me?). What is this boundary stuff all about? What is the truth about boundaries?

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