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5 Places To Find Support For Mental And Emotional Challenges

Struggling with ongoing mental and emotional issues like stress, depression, anxiety, and paranoia can be difficult and life-changing. Simply not thinking and reacting to life …

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3 Light Sources In Dark Times

Going through a rough time in life may produce feelings of loneliness and inadequacy. It can make you feel as though nobody understands your situation …

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3 Tips To End Nicotine Addiction

When we are young, many of us make the mistake of engaging in reckless behavior without considering the consequences. Been there-done that. For the most part, adolescent mischief doesn't end in disaster- except when these behaviors cross over into adulthood. One example of this is smoking cigarettes. In teenage years, smoking has a certain allure - it is rebellious and cool. This wasn't helped by the huge number of marketing campaigns that in the past, used smoking to help sell a product.

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5 Ways You Can Positively Change Your Life For The Better

Life is a funny old thing. All that we perceive as good or bad, up or down can seem like a roller coaster ride. Many of us don’t want to wallow in the negative parts. We want to grow and learn from those things as quickly as possible. However, for many, those times can feel overwhelming and beyond their capability to overcome. What may seem like a small issue to one person, could be a big mountain to climb for someone else.

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Essential Tips For Improving Your Mood

In today’s modern world, it's easy to drown in busyness, stress, and "to do list" overload. It is imperative to step back, occasionally, from it all to get your priorities in check again. Take some time out to ensure your mental and physical well-being is not taking a turn for the worst. Finding yourself in a chronic state of anger, sadness, or despair is nothing to play with. And if things don't seem to improve over a long period of time, get professional help from your primary care physician or therapist.

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How To Know You’re On The Right Path

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." This is not to say that following in the footsteps of others will not lead you to understand your true purpose and set you up for success there but to also consider choosing new and unexplored paths, to take risks and make mistakes. This process can be terrifying, though, as venturing out on your own into new things may cause anxiety and hesitation. You may even consider these feelings as signs that you aren't on the right path. I've experienced this fork in the road many times and assure you that it's not the end but only the beginning of something magical and fulfilling.

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