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The Best Energy Jewelry

I received this in my inbox from my friend Deborah Stuart, metaphysics expert and owner of HighChi Jewelry. If you ever wished that your jewelry had more purpose than just looking stylish, here’s what you’ve been looking for.  I love how beautiful her pieces are!  And how powerful!

Be Beautiful-Be Creative-Be Happy!

A Note From Deborah

Here are a few of my favorite combos that are really selling well, just to tempt you a bit more! These are the long chains that fall at your 3rd chakra. Not only is it very fashionable, (and we know how we look is what really matters) but your 3rd chakra is of course your power center, and this is where I am sensing that we need the coverage, or protection so to speak. I must tell you I have been jumping around all morning getting stuff done but, unable to really stay still. I put on the Dream Team, below in gold and I immediately settled down. It’s so grounding Jody. Grounding is key right now as if you’re not in your body, who is?

Also, we have a new energy field I would like to speak with you about which is really important. It’s our new Universal Chi. It pulls out whatever is not of the light or toxins, negative entities, etc. I really feel that negative entities or energies from others, is the bigger issue here. Yes negative EMF’s are a problem in that they compromise the hormonal system, immune system, endocrine system, but what the Ancient Egyptians understood was that the Jin or Jeannies or negative entities travel along the negative grid lines, which are filled with what we would refer to as vertical negative green, which is a black energy, which they believed caused cancer. Also these grid lines go up forever, as they’re not just in the ground. Subsequently we’re consistently walking through these energy information highways of black energy. Unless you’re grounded and protected, you’re bound to pick up a few hitchhikers. I believe this is why people are having so many problems emotionally, mentally and physically.


John Civitan, our head of Research and Development, and I are committed to continually upgrading our energy fields, which was where much of our research lay. I believe that we are experiencing as a planet a conscious leap in evolution, and my great desire has been to give people energetic tools to help them make this transition.

One of the techniques we use to clean energy is that we shoot it through a portal or tensor field, carried on light, and it returns to us absolutely impeccable, indeed pristine.

In June 2010, we were shooting energy through our portal, and a totally new energy field came back to us. We called it “Universal Chi” as according to our measuring devices it releases whatever is not of the light. In a sense it is an energetic detox or a Clean High – It gets you clean, it gets you high! This is the energy I would recommend for you now, as truly what do we need more than letting go of who we’re not. Using the brilliant Dr. Joyce Culkin’s measuring devices, this energy measured out to be Qi Gong Master energy, which is the same energy Qi Gong masters are able to generate from their hands once they have achieved mastery. It is also a very healing and indeed sexual energy, yet another charming side effect.

The Healing Team

The first is the HighChi Pendant with 3 gemstones. We also have a new connector so you can change out your gemstones depending on your mood! Below is the Healing Team – Green Amethyst for Emotional Healing, Garnet for physical healing and Grounding – very important, self esteem and amethyst for intuition, stress release, and release from addictive mind patterns.



The Dream Team

The Dream Team – Lakshmi for success, abundance, love – Ganesh the remover of obstacles and good fortune and Saraswatti for Vision Genius brilliance – the brains behind the operation. They just love each other and work together so beautifully when asked. You’re covered. Citrine, The Merchant Stone, for Success, Money, and protection in legal matters, and Amethyst for Intuition, and Stress release. In the Buddhist tradition these are the most powerful energetically.

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