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Why Do Women Get Stuck?

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You know that horrible feeling you get when your car slides into a muddy ditch or snow mound?  Desperate.  Helpless.  Stuck.  This is something that usually happens to everyone…at least once in their life.  It usually takes a little help to get unstuck.  Well, the muddy or icy hell hole you drove into is really just a metaphor for what could be happening in your life.  Women are especially vulnerable to the “ditches” and “snow mounds” that seem to pull us in from time-to-time.  Why does this life-hindering thing happen?  Though vehicular mishaps usually just sort of happen, life traps grip us as a result of our own thoughts, beliefs, and actions.

Stuck Reason #1

We don’t believe we have what it takes to move forward into the life of our dreams.  This is a result of always thinking life will be better when the promotion comes, my health is better, I meet the right person, I learn more, I am the creative artist I want to be.  Just several examples, these are common hindrances to living in the moment and choosing present happiness.  This is a form of self-doubt that will always keep you in the ditch until you change your thinking.  Action creates momentum.  So, in this case, doing what it is that you fear will create the energy you need to move forward.

Stuck Reason #2

One of the biggest problems women face in life is not knowing who they really are….as women, creative beings, and viable contributors to the world.  Lacking purpose and direction is how we get lost and stuck.  You may be one of those creative women who do so many things well that you can’t decide what to focus on.  On the contrary to your belief that this is a curse, it’s an overflowing cup of blessing.  You have all of that talent for a reason.  Learning how to focus it is the greatest thing you can do for yourself and the world.  Discovering purpose is better than chocolate, I say!

Stuck Reason #3

Disregarding or not recognizing help when it comes.  Let’s go back to the car metaphor.  You sit there in the ditch, helpless and angry.  Thankfully, you had your cell phone, so you called a tow truck for help.  It’s been 30 minutes, but you wait patiently.  Another motorist stops to ask if you need help, you reply, “No, I’m waiting for the tow truck to come.  He should be here any minute.”  The good Samaritan moves on.  Another hour goes by and your tow truck has not arrived.  During that time, two other passerbyers have offered to push you out.  You declined.  OK, so you disregarded three attempts by others to fix your problem.  Why?  You were waiting for the “big” tow truck that would get you moving in an instant.  That tow truck didn’t come…it got held up across town working with another motorist that slid into a bigger ditch.  Help comes in many forms.  Learn to recognize it.

If you find yourself stuck, there is always a way to get unstuck.  The first step is of course knowing that you are stuck.  Check out these other articles for more information on navigating life’s difficult moments.

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  1. Great post Kellie. Wearing so many hats, as we all do, it’s hard work to be just what we want to be. You’ve hit it right on the head in that one needs to be their biggest supporter and to find that driving purpose(s) in their life…while not being too proud to accept assistance. Beautiful!

    • Angela,

      Thanks for your support and insightful comment. My purpose is to help other women find peace with who they are and move forward to their dream and true happiness. I’ve been stuck many times…even recently. It’s a horrible place to be and stay for very long. Please visit again!

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