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4 Major Signs That Your Relationship Is In Big Trouble

This post was contributed and may contain affiliate links. No woman enjoys that doubt in the back of her mind that her relationship is falling apart. Unfortunately, this happens a lot and doesn’t always mean a breakup. You should know, though, staying in a relationship that isn’t right for you for way too long can be miserable and unproductive. Some women continue to work on their relationship because they believe their partner will change.When these women find out that they ultimately won’t, they may feel like they wasted their time. It may be beneficial to know for sure if we are unhappy with who we chose early on in the relationship. This type of awareness helps to make good decisions that serve you at all stages. To get you thinking, here are 4 major signs that your relationship is in big trouble.

Signs Your Relationship Is In Big Trouble #1: Any Type of Abuse

Remember that abuse comes in all shapes and sizes, but it all hurts. Even subtle things like telling you that you can’t have certain friends or meet your family is a form of psychological abuse. If your partner does anything that makes you feel guilty about being you, pay attention. This is a red flag that you are being controlled.

Whether it’s physical, verbal or emotional abuse, it’s unacceptable in any kind of relationship and you should do your best to seek advice or leave the relationship. No woman should ever be treated in this way. If you have experienced any type of abuse, it is in your best interest to document it well. Take photos of physical harm and write down dates, details, and witnesses. If it is a series of verbal and emotional threats, document them as well. Also, if you are in danger, get out as soon as you can. I advise contacting a lawyer such as www.judithgoldberg.com/ct for advice. 

Signs Your Relationship Is In Big Trouble #2: Dishonesty and Deception

First, we will look at the deception that comes from hiding your relationship from your family and friends. If you can’t be honest with your friends and family about who you’re in a relationship with, it’s time to ask yourself why. Consider whether this union is really right for you at this time in your life. Also, you may be caring way too much about what others think about you and your lifestyle.

Secondly, if you or your partner is lying on a regular basis to cover bad behavior, you also have a problem. This happens because of a lack of trust in the other person. Your connection may be suffering and shows up in the big cover up. Fear is another big culprit behind dishonesty. You or your partner may be afraid that the other will be angry or even leave if they knew the truth. Consider talking through your secrets and see what good might come from it.

Signs Your Relationship Is In Big Trouble #3: Disrespect

If your partner is unable to accept you for who you are and constantly disrespects things such as your family, your hobbies or even your culture and tradition, it’s time to take a step back. This article at https://www.relationshipgold.com/communication/respect-html.htm reveals a few ways to deal with disrespect in a relationship. Be constantly aware of how you speak to your partner and how he or she speaks to you. Are you grateful and appreciative of each other? Do you show it on a regular basis? If you can’t say “yes” to these two questions, it’s time to figure out what’s going on.

Signs Your Relationship Is In Big Trouble #1: Cheating

Open relationships can work for couples who are experienced and more laid back, but it’s not for everyone. Cheating destroys trust and takes dedication to be able to forgive someone after the fact. If you want to save your relationship, both you and your partner will need healing time and solid communication to succeed after an affair. If you can’t find this place of forgiveness, you likely won’t make it. Additionally, the core problem is really not the affair but what led up to it happening in the first place. Work on these things to prevent the need or desire to stray outside of the relationship.

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