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3 Major Attributes Of A Great Resume

great resume

Creating a great resume is one of those things that can trip up even the smartest and most creative women among us. So don’t feel …

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Pros And Cons Of Changing Careers Over 40

changing careers over 40

As a woman, reaching your 40s can be both a liberating and confusing time. You can feel more confident in your skin but, oddly, wish …

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5 Ways To Make A Fantastic First Impression

make a fantastic first impression

Do you have an upcoming important event or meeting that you want to be your best for? If you must make a fantastic first impression, …

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4 Considerations For Job Hunting In The New Year

The new year is approaching quickly, and this means new possibilities to improve our lives over the coming 12 months. A new year seems to …

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3 Strategies For Building A Career That Makes You Happy

Building a career that makes you happy might be at the bottom of your list of things to focus on. I understand that life can …

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4 Tips For Switching Your Career Successfully

Know that you don’t have to stick with the same career forever. You may have enjoyed it once upon a time, but if you’re beginning …

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4 Tips To Build Your Career As An Employee

So you want to know the most effective ways to grow your career as an employee? To start, think about where you want to be …

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3 Major Career Change Considerations For Any Age

Many women have greatly re-evaluated their career choices in light of the pandemic. Many have found that they want to give back in ways that …

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5 Career Options To Give Back To Society

Choosing a satisfying and profitable career can be challenging for women of all ages. Unfortunately, so many of us end up in roles that we …

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3 Major Steps To Landing Your Dream Job

It’s no secret that many of us settle for jobs we don’t really like in order to pay the bills. Though there is nothing wrong …

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5 Strong Job Hunting Hacks To Attract Recruiters

When you are searching for a new job, it makes sense to focus on all aspects of the process. Everything from your resume and social …

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5 Job Hunting Tips To Get Hired Faster

We all have come to a point in our lives when it’s time to move on from a job or seek one for the first …

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4 Considerations For Choosing A Career Path

Starting a first-time career or subsequent one can be a daunting process for anyone. That said, whether you are young or have been around the …

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4 Industries To Be In Right Now For Job Security

There is no point denying that 2020 has been dominated by one story, one way of life, and, depending on how you refer to it, …

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3 Good Reasons To Consider Leaving A Job

It’s not always easy to leave a job when you have to provide for your family. Obviously, you don’t want to give up your source …

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