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The Best Natural Products for Body, Mind, and Spirit

Say Goodbye to Muscle Tension While undergoing chiropractic treatment years ago, I was introduced to, Formula 303, one of the best natural products I have ever used. With a boat load of kids at home and the usual "mom chores" waiting for my attention, I found myself often stressed and aching. It wasn't surprising when my shoulders, neck, and lower back were all in knots most of the time. Because I'm sensitive to most medications like muscle relaxers and pain killers, I was thrilled that there was a safe product to relieve my pain and tension.

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Overcoming Fibromyalgia

At age 21, I experienced some bizarre symptoms that had me and several doctors puzzled. In 1988, they had not coined the medical catch phrase of "Fibromyalgia". They were starting to diagnose Chronic Fatigue Syndrome but seemed to be lost when droves of patients were coming forward with new, debilitating symptoms. My problems were mostly related to joint pain, swelling, and extreme fatigue. The doctor tested me for every known disease and condition that could possibly cause those symptoms in a young woman.

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