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3 Unexpected Situations Women Need To Know How To Handle

If you are determined to live your life as a strong, independent woman, it is important to establish when you need help and when you ...

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4 Shields That Protect Your Business From Disaster

There are so many ways a business can go down, but we will discuss just a few in this article. With so much to think about, ...

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Fight Personal Crime By Using These 4 Strategies

You don’t need a cape and colorful underwear to be a crime-fighting hero to yourself and your family. In fact, small changes to your routine, ...

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3 Tips To Keep Your Remote Business Safe And Successful

Working from home isn’t just for freelance workers and self-employed, it’s now a very common way to run a business. Though this modern way of doing things might sound cool and comfortable, you still have a business to keep safe and maintain. That means being able to separate your home life from your business and still keep your sanity. After all, you have a team of remote employees counting on you to make things run smoothly. This setup will require you to be ultra-conscious of scammers, hackers, and Catfish ploys. Be sure about who you are working with and do your homework. Here are 3 tips to keep your remote business safe and successful.

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3 Big IT Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

You’ve crafted your business model, built your team, and studied the principles of business. You’re ready to embark on your adventure but lack one thing: experience and technical know-how regarding IT systems. No matter if you’re a monster biz like Google or a simple Ma and Pa bakery, you need IT to thrive and survive in business. To help you avoid missing out on the benefits of technology, here are 3 big IT mistakes entrepreneurs make.

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4 Tips To Select The Best Business Location

So, you’ve decided to start your own business! Welcome to a whole new world of hard work and perseverance! While you're on the topic, take a look at some of my top tips for a successful startup.Today, I am talking about a specific part of the new business venture: your actual working space. Join me as I explore 4 tips to select the best business location.

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