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4 Major Confidence Boosters For Your Appearance

Poor confidence in our appearance may stem from many different things. Some of these things may be significant like trauma or illness and some are more superficial. However, keep in mind, that we see ourselves differently than others do. In fact, we often judge our appearance with such harsh standards, they are nearly impossible to live up to. What we see as an irritating aspect of our appearance might be seen as beautiful to someone else. It truly is up to us to love what we see int he mirror.  And, though, we may not always be able to change how we look drastically, here are 4 major confidence boosters for your appearance.

Confidence Boosters for Your Appearance #1: Update Your Fashion

The first step toward greater confidence about your appearance is changing what you can. For starters, you might analyze your current fashion and style. Is it dated or dull? Do your clothes and accessories make you happy? If you haven’t updated your wardrobe in some years, it’s time to treat yourself to some shopping. Consult a fashionable friend or magazine for some tips on how to sharpen your look.

So many women hide behind poor fashion because they’re not confident about their appearance. This may look like baggy sweats, yoga pants, and hoodies…all the time. Know this, however, there is no “perfect size” or body type. We can all look beautiful in our clothes, whether we’re skinny or curvaceous. The important thing is to simply wear clothes that suit your body shape. If you don’t know what looks good on your body, get some advice from a pro or someone you can trust to tell you the truth.

Confidence Boosters for Your Appearance #2: Improve Your Face/Skin Care

Our face is usually the first thing that others see when they meet us. For this reason, it’s important to take care of it. I am a strong advocate for early and consistent skin care routines. I believe you can shave years off your look if you take the time to give your skin what it needs now. Use the best products you can afford that work for you. Additionally, drinking more water will hydrate you and give your skin a healthful glow.

Skin blemishes can often be a cause of poor confidence, especially if you are well beyond your teen years. Adult acne has many root causes, but stress is likely one. Along with proper skin care, improving how you handle stressful situation could also help to alleviate most of it.

As for scars, tattoos, and stretch marks, you may have to live with these for life. However, there are some treatments and products that help to reduce the appearance of some surface skin marks. Consult with a skin specialist for advice about your specific issues. Also, tattoos can successfully be removed if you want to give yourself a fresh appearance. Research this process and tattoo removal pricing so you know your options. 

Confidence Boosters for Your Appearance #3: Make Lifestyle Changes.

One of the best ways to feel more confident about your appearance is to make sure you are as healthy as possible.  Forget vanity, as that can lead you down an unhealthy route. For example, being skinny isn’t always the epitome of good health. Poor nutrition for the sake of losing weight is never OK or healthy.  I find that making simple changes to my diet and fitness routine create a sense of well-being and confidence. Eating good quality foods and limiting the bad stuff will help you to look younger and more vibrant.

Confidence Boosters for Your Appearance #4: Make Mental Changes

Improving your state of mind is also a huge key to feeling more confident about your appearance. The way you perceive yourself is really all that matters. If you love yourself and appreciate your body, it will show to others around you. I know that when I’m down or get into a negative rut, my confidence can plummet quickly. Give yourself a mental check up frequently to help prevent any emotional pitfalls. When you smile, you’re more attractive. That’s a fact. Do what makes you happy.

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