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Your Face/Skin Care

Get That Healthy Glow

Ahhh...the glow of youthful, healthy skin, something that can elude us if we don't work at it. I truly do believe that anyone can achieve radiant beauty with just a few lifestyle changes...and a few great products. You likely know some of the secrets if you have been reading Women's Life Link. I love to talk about how to get beautiful through being healthy. You will benefit from any effort that you put forth, even if it's just one thing you do differently. But for maximum results, try all three parts of my program for radiant, healthy skin.

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What Is Cellulite?

What exactly is cellulite, anyway? Great question considering most women don't know the answer. Well, it's not some new form of tissue, a special kind of fat that attacks your legs and butt, and it is not going to go away with some drugstore creme. Cellulite is, in fact, simply excess body fat. And because women happen to store more fat than men do, it is no surprise that we end up with warehouses of the stuff on our thighs.

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Pale Skin: A Smart Choice

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, a good time to make skin care and sun protection a top priority while counting down the days to warmer weather. With over one million people diagnosed with skin cancer each year, every woman needs to pay close attention to how they are caring for their skin. Though an effective skin management routine doesn't guarantee you won't get skin cancer, it does reduce your chances significantly.

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How To Avoid Sun Damage To Your Skin

The Whole Picture Have you ever noticed a beautiful woman whose face glows as someone much younger? Then you look at her neck and hands…not so much glowing going on there. The truth is these two areas, among others, will give away your true age faster than your taste in music!

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How To Choose Foundation

The key to youthful, glowing skin is proper skin care and a killer foundation or base product. Skin care is a whole topic of its own; for now, we will just focus on the makeup part.

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How To Use Mascara For A Youthful Look

Most women who wear makeup, wear mascara. Whether you're a novice or an old pro, there are some fun ways to shake things up a bit with your lashes. Try any or all of the following tips to create a fun, youthful look that fits your style.

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