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4 Meaningful Gifts To Make Them Smile This Holiday

It doesn’t matter who you buy for or how much you spend, the important thing is giving something from your heart that will make them smile this …

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Your Weekly Dose of Diva! Plus a Little Holiday Giggle…

I'm writing to you from beside a fire in the coziest chair imaginable...and yes, I definitely am feeling a nap coming on in a little bit. But, for right now I'm stoked to be sitting down and writing to you, especially today, as we head into winter solstice, the shortest day of the year and, in many traditions, the birth of the sun. How's that for symbolism?

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The Gift Of You

This time of year is crazy, when we brag about all the things we are grateful for and then rush around, gathering up stuff that people may be grateful for. It is silly if you think about it. My friend is so stressed about what she got each person. All I hear is frustration and hesitation, hoping these people will be happy with her choices. Now several of these people will, of course, be overjoyed by the sentiment of the gift. But there are a few who won't be thankful. She knows it, because it is the same way every year.

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Finding Unique Quality Gifts At Novica

Happy Holidays, everyone! I love the anticipation of making special family memories and sharing the beauty of the season. Though gift-giving isn't the purpose of any of the traditional holidays celebrated in December, it does seem to get plenty of attention. One of my favorite things to do is finding unique quality gifts for my family and friends. Though I've said this a couple years in a row, it's worth repeating again this year! Novica.com is by far one of the best online sites to locate artisan crafted items for any gift-giving occasion.

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The Best Handmade Products at Novica.com

I don't normally share a lot about shopping sites, but one in particular impressed me so much that I have to tell you all about it. The site Novica.com is an international shopping site affiliated with National Geographic with a mission "to give artists and artisans around the world a global platform to express their true artistic talents, to spur their creativity" and to bring that talent to your doorstep.

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Giving, A Giveaway, and Giving Up

Be thankful for what you have: talents, possessions, people, love, and your influence are all blessings.

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