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5 Ways To Impress Potential Clients At Your First Meeting

As a business owner, you will have to engage with many people, whether over the phone, video chat or in person. The purpose of some …

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5 Simple Job Interview Hacks To Stand Out

job interview hacks

Knowing how to present yourself well in an interview makes a huge difference when you have a lot of competition. Though you may not be …

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4 Easy Tips To Look Your Best At Work

If you’re serious about your career, it’s time to get serious about how you look. Personal appearance plays a major role in how people see …

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5 Tips To Bring Professionalism To Your Freelance Business

Your main consideration as a freelancer is to have enough business to make it worth your while. However, one easily overlooked aspect of your business could be costing you revenue: how professional you are. The, sometimes, casual aspects of this type of business can lead to a lax attitude. Things like neglect, sloppiness, and less than professional behavior can arise if you're not careful. I hope these 5 tips will help you bring professionalism to your freelance business.

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7 Musts To Cultivate Your Best Professional Image And Reputation

Professionalism isn't only about your image but how people view you as a person and businesswoman. You want your colleagues, clients, boss, co-workers and followers to know that you're honest, reliable, hardworking, and trustworthy. While it's easier to cultivate a new image with a fresh set of onlookers, it's a little trickier to start over with people you know. However, it's not impossible. Check out my top 8 musts to cultivate your best professional image and reputation.

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5 Savvy Ways To Dress To Impress At Work

Whether we want to judge others or be judged by appearance, it happens. One of the places it happens the most is the workplace. Yes, your boss or prospective clients are checking out how you look and sizing you up based on what they see. You've got their full attention, why not take this opportunity to dress to impress? Your choices could play a huge role in whether you get a raise, a promotion, or any other brownie points at work. Here are 5 savvy tips to bring your look up to fabulous and get you noticed in a good way on the job!

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Working From Home: Winning The Life/Work Balancing Game

Setting up a home business has pros and cons as any new business venture would. However, working from home has some specific challenges that could wreak havoc on your life if left unchecked. I've experienced the "crossing of boundaries" that has thrown my whole life equilibrium off balance. The problem is that you may not see it happening until you are well into the muddy quicksand. Hindsight is great, but prevention is best. Here are some quick tips on how to win the life/work balancing game.

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4 Ways To Nail Authenticity In Your Business

AUTHENTICITY is a business buzz word these days. What does it actually mean and how do we BE IT to get results? The dictionary definition is this: of undisputed origin; genuine. Here's the thing: being authentic doesn't mean we must show all of our flaws or all of our strengths, for that matter. It's kind of like owning a weapon...you neither have to flaunt it, nor should you, in order for it to be effective when you need it. The same goes for a weakness. You live with those flaws every day. They are a part of you. They become a part of your strength naturally if you let them and will show up when needed.

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Professionalism: A Little Advice

I was thinking the other day about what it's like to have a wonderful experience in a store or restaurant as opposed to a not-so-good one. You know them both well, I'm sure.

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