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4 Effective Ways To Build Self-Confidence

Have you ever seen a woman on the street or at a party and wondered what makes her so attractive? Know that women who are …

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4 Effective Ways To Boost Self-Esteem

boost self-esteem

Today, I want to look at some effective ways to boost self-esteem. This topic is not talked about enough and needs to be for the …

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4 Ways Appearance Can Affect Women’s Mental Health

women's mental health

Women’s mental health is a delicate topic that many people don’t like or shy away from altogether. It is for this reason, I am more …

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4 Self-Care Benefits And Why You Need Them

Self-care is a word that is becoming increasingly popular, yet still not well defined. Maybe you have read about it and heard influencers say how …

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3 Ways To Instantly Boost Self-Image

The way you think about yourself is basically how you see the rest of the world and vice-versa. I believe if you put this theory …

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5 Ways To Increase Body Confidence

increase body confidence

Body confidence is much easier to talk about than it is to possess, especially for some women. Furthermore, it’s not always easy to increase body …

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Beauty Treatments That May Boost Your Confidence

Women all over the world want to feel and look beautiful. And, we actively participate in beauty routines, purchasing the latest products, and researching specific …

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3 Essential Habits To Boost Long-Term Health

It seems that aging must have an effect on the way we move, live, and feel. However, does it really have to have such a …

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4 Savvy Tips To Find Love In The Coming Year

With the rise of dating apps and the growth of social media, it has simultaneously become easier and harder to find love than ever before. …

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3 Powerful Reminders That You Are Enough

We live in a world of expectations, competition, and comparison. And, frankly, this environment can take a toll on your self-esteem, relationships, and mental health. …

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4 Strategies To Boost Professional Confidence

Achieving goals and dreams is one thing that many women strive for as they travel their career path. Unfortunately, however, many don’t ever experience fulfillment …

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4 Life-Changing Reasons To Go Back To School

I have to say, first, that higher education is important, however, it isn’t for everyone. So, this article is to remind us that the option …

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5 Action Steps For Loving Yourself More

Loving yourself, as in self-preservation is one area that most people don’t have an issue. However, there is another form of self-love that trips up …

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6 Ways To Improve Your Confidence After A Breakup

Relationships are ever-changing and filled with many ups and downs. Sometimes, this means ending things is the best choice. Nevertheless, even if it’s for the …

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Is A Lack Of Self-Confidence Holding You Back?

Social situations and venturing into new territory with work or relationships is something we all face. And do you know what? It isn’t always easy, especially if you lack self-confidence. I've found that what really holds women back is the cross between owning their personal value and putting way too much emphasis on what others think of them. Gaining enough courage to meet new people or ask the boss for a raise takes time and you do have to try. That means being willing to risk rejection or getting results that are not ideal for you. This can be a trial and error process. BTW, I thought it would be fun to let some beautiful felines decorate today's pos

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