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Life Planning and Organizing


Remember the good old days? Those years when you went to primary school, hung around with your mates, did what you parents told you to do, went to high school, thought about what you wanted to do; there were a few choices back then. Would you go to University or would you go to Tech School, would you pursue a career or a trade? Or, hey, what if you wanted to bum for a while and take a year long travel hiatus then come back and get a job… it was all possible.

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Cultivate Your Acre!

I am guilty of letting the weeds grow; tall stocky thistles, yellow dandelions, carpets of green clover abloom in white flowers, sneaky little bindii ready to pierce the soles of my bare, haven’t- been- out- of- shoes feet... just like those prickly issues I decided never to deal with. Right down the back, I haven’t done any pruning for ages; in fact, I cannot see the back fence line, a huge bougainvillea with nasty thorns has over taken the timber palings, but it does have those gorgeous magenta flowers.

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Your Best Life

We have ‘the best of life’ in all of us in the present moment. We have the choices; be it regarding food, money, work arrangements, education, down time… I could go on and on. The way we reconcile our current status quo depends on these choices, and looking at our little microcosm first and foremost. There exists no right or wrong, no ‘having to do it this way or that’ (especially if that’s simply because it’s always been done that way!) and there’s no need to compare yourself to others.

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5 Things Your Significant Other Needs To Know About You

Photo by JadeBeloved Let’s face it, there are just some things that your significant other NEEDS to understand about you. And, these “things” are not …

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Some Goals I Want To Share

My good blog friend, Genny, from My Cup 2 Yours has a thing that she does every Thursday called Talkin' About Thursdays. I participated in her community activity last week and had a blast writing my post and visiting the blogs of others.

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Planning For an Emergency

After spending 12 hours without power last night, I suddenly realized how unprepared our family is for emergency situations. It wasn't the fact that I missed the American Idol elimination I'd been waiting all season for; it was the fact that we couldn't find the flashlight, my kids couldn't light candles without burning themselves, and everyone just sort of lost all composure. Kudos to our pioneer ancestors who didn't even have electricity.

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